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Himalaya Discovery is a solely Sherpa-owned registered holiday and adventure company, with more than a decade of experience in creating, organizing and guiding unique awe-inspiring trekking trips, cultural journeys and tailor-made adventure tours throughout the great Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

The Himalayas intrigue and excite adventurers over the world. It boasts the planet’s highest peaks. Our company is run by a group of highly experienced, friendly and professional people. Together we make a significant contribution to Nepal’s tourism industry by delivering excellent services that offer to discover the wonders of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan’s adventure, culture and nature. We are proud to showcase the Himalayas to the world and take your Journeys of Imagination.

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Chhiring Sherpa
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Trip of the Year - 2019

This is unique trek along local trails, through forests, villages and terraced farmland treats you to the unparalleled Himalayan scenery.

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