Nepal Open for Trekking & Mountaineering from 17 October

Nepal Update

Look, this whole thing about coronavirus makes us a bit tired and nervous and we’re sure you feel the same thing. Ultimately, we are not sure what will happen in the coming months.

Most of us are going to be OK but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be stressful and difficult. Here, we’ve collected some advice and information for anyone planning to travel over the next few months, or might be planning to travel to Nepal.

As of today 20 October 2020, Nepal has confirmed 1,39,129 cases of COVID-19 and 96,609 people have recovered and 765 death.

The government had relaxed the lockdown from 13 September in Kathmandu Valley, allowing shops to reopen for limited times, and on certain days of the week. Public transport, taxis and private vehicles were also allowed on odd-even days.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board has launched a website (Stranded in Nepal) to make it easier for the stranded travellers to reach out to authorities.

Nepal Update: Nepal open for trekking & mountaineering from 17 October

Government Spokesperson and Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali told a briefing that trekking and mountaineering groups will also be allowed to take foreign clients up to the mountains from 17 October 2020.

The government has decided to allow foreign tourists to visit Nepal after October 17, carrying a negative PCR test report.

Foreign travellers who get tested negative for Coronavirus 72 hours before leaving their home country may visit Nepal without staying in hotel quarantine for seven days.

However, arriving tourists should stand for the instant PCR test for reconfirmation immediately upon arriving at Kathmandu airport.

The government also waives off US$ 5,000 of COVID insurance for visiting tourists, but travelers must assure that they cover their medical expenses on their own.

 [Updated October 20, 2020]

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